Sexual Assault

Section 3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 creates the offence.

Sexual assault is triable either way, which means the case can be dealt with either in the Magistrates Court or Crown Court.

The maximum sentence on conviction at the Crown Court is ten years imprisonment. Conviction at the Magistrates Court carries a maximum sentence is imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months and/or  level 5 fine (£5000).

Sexual assault covers all forms of non-consensual sexual touching, but mainly applies to the lesser forms of assault.

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mckenziessols Mckenzies 'no case to answer submission' half way through a trial is successful. Client accused of serious violent offence is acquitted.
mckenziessols 2 days of police questioning in relation to serious allegation. Client released without charge. No further action to be taken.
mckenziessols Complainant admits the allegations were fabricated under skilful cross-examination. Client acquitted. Will the complainant now be prosecuted