Motoring Offences

Defending Motorists Throughout London & the Home Counties

Whether it is a speeding ticket, an alcohol related offence, a document matter or even careless driving we at McKenzies will provide you with specialist advice on all types of motoring offences which could prevent you from losing your license or significantly reduce the period of disqualification itself. In addition, our specialist advice can positively assist in reducing the number of penalty points that would be endorsed on your license.

McKenzies will provide you with crucial advice identifying any procedural and legal defects in the prosecution against you together with advising you as to whether you have a defence to the offence itself.

Over a period of 20 years, our dedicated team have successfully defended drivers in all types of motoring cases, which have been achieved through our specialist knowledge and application of this complicated area of law.

The achievements of our success for our clients have been far reaching including no loss of job, maintaining social and professional commitments and more importantly no financial loss being suffered as a result of the loss of a license.

Our Costs

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Thereafter, if we are able to (depending on your financial position and the circumstances of your case) we will try to obtain Legal Aid for you. If this is not possible then our fees will be very closely in line with legal aid rates.

At McKenzies we believe that if we are prepared to represent you under a legal aid order then why should we charge you substantially more just because you do not qualify for legal aid.

To see if you qualify for Legal Aid and if not to obtain an instant quote please call or email us now.

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mckenziessols Mckenzies 'no case to answer submission' half way through a trial is successful. Client accused of serious violent offence is acquitted.
mckenziessols 2 days of police questioning in relation to serious allegation. Client released without charge. No further action to be taken.
mckenziessols Complainant admits the allegations were fabricated under skilful cross-examination. Client acquitted. Will the complainant now be prosecuted