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McKenzies Solicitors have a formidable reputation in representing clients accused of crime. With a team of experienced and dedicated solicitors, each of whom have only specialised in criminal defence law, you can be assured that you are in expert hands.

For nearly 20 years McKenzies Solicitors have formed very close working relationships with some of the leading sets of barrister chambers in the country. What this means is that our clients not only benefit from our expertise but also can be confident that the barristers we use are equally reputable and completely focused on doing the very best job possible.

As a result of our reputation and geographical demand by clients we now have offices in Central London, Enfield & Hertford. We also accept instructions from clients all over England and regularly attend prisons all over the country.

In addition, our expertise has been recognised by our profession and as a result we have afforded membership of the VHCC panel since its' introduction many years ago. This means that firms with membership of this panel can only deal with complex and serious cases where the trial is expected to last for 42 days or more.

At McKenzies we appreciate that choosing a solicitor to represent you is a very important process. Not only do you want to make sure that the solicitor has the necessary experience in dealing with your case but also that he or she will do there very best in defending you.

That's why we offer a free consultation for you to come to our office and spend time speaking to a solicitor who is sufficiently experienced enough to deal with your case. You will be taken through the steps involved in preparing your case and have an opportunity to ask as many questions as needed before you decide if you wish to instruct McKenzies or not.

Many times we find that the majority of solicitors will only be interested in talking to you about your case and answer any questions, if you have already instructed them by either paying or obtaining legal aid. The problem is however, that if legal aid has already been granted to the solicitor then it will be very hard for you to have your legal aid transferred to another firm. The reason for this is because there are very strict rules/reasons that are permitted to allow an individual to transfer their legal aid. Being unhappy with your solicitor is not a valid reason.

In addition, we also hear from many clients who come to us, that their biggest cause for concern is that a solicitor is not involved in dealing with their case and instead a non qualified case workers has been assigned. At Mckenzies you can be assured that it will always be a solicitor who deals with you and prepares your case.

To arrange a free consultation please call or complete the form below. If it is out of hours or an emergency then please call out 24/7 emergency number on 020 8350 1451.

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mckenziessols Mckenzies 'no case to answer submission' half way through a trial is successful. Client accused of serious violent offence is acquitted.
mckenziessols 2 days of police questioning in relation to serious allegation. Client released without charge. No further action to be taken.
mckenziessols Complainant admits the allegations were fabricated under skilful cross-examination. Client acquitted. Will the complainant now be prosecuted